Who is the legal person hired for doing the property valuation process in the proper ways?

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DSS produce a wide range of publicly available leaflets, which are updated from time to time, and which give information about social security benefits. On 26 November 1986 the DSS section responsible for promulgating procedures and instructions on long-term benefits. The September 1986 amendments had not covered the changes introduced by the 1986 Act. The papers that survive do not reveal whether any discussion of the London section’s suggestion took place, or whether other sections of DSS offered comments on the draft amendment. find out more : Brisbane Property Valuers

Nor, after this lapse of time, have the interviews conducted with DSS staff been able to establish that. There is no indication in the papers that survive that the final version of the text of the leaflet was subjected to any independent quality assurance before printing and distribution. There is also no indication that consideration was given to publishing an amendment to the leaflet before April 1987, so as to reflect the changes in SERPS introduced by the 1986 Act. There were substantial differences between leaflets NP32 and NP46 in their presentation of information.

Leaflet NP46 was much more detailed and was primarily intended for the use of advisory bodies such as citizens’ advice bureau, and of members of the public who wanted to know more about state retirement pensions. A simpler leaflet, leaflet FB6, entitled Retiring gave basic information on state pensions and was intended for general readership. The wording in respect of the SERPS inheritance rules remained unchanged in each of those editions. None of those editions made reference to the future change regarding SERPS inheritance.

In December 1987 the then head of DSS policy group wrote to other senior officials asking them to make arrangements to bring the reforms introduced by the 1986 Act to the attention of DSS staff. As a result of that, in January 1988 internal circulars were issued to all DSS staff holding copies of the following instructions and guidance material. Pensions Instructions and Procedures Code, the Widows Instructions and Procedures Code and the Pensions Law Code.

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