Your Key To Success: property valuation

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into Funkiness alright folks welcome to element agents and Dave what here today where the Rock star Realty and you injured Duncan owner and CEO the Granville real estate and re/max dynamic in Tampa Florida and hes actually host the duck into a real stay show on a.m. Flatland use a great friend of mine a mentor mine is actually the man responsible forms success real estate and the injuries team has been killing.

it in a very competitive market here contaminant I with the innovative Melbourne Property Valuers strategies and hostile there now really a done forced down there so I walking the show and you its great to see and have me on thanks Rob beyond pretty it no worries so callous get started with few basics tell me like howdy its start in real stateswoman where youre from hiking to get started in this game sure you know its it SA you know its interesting.

we weve been at sea now for four years before that I became an individual agent and that was back in right when the you know how the Blooming ton you know although all the crazy stuff is happening right outs working for or chin I company in st. Peters burg Florida and I started by an investment properties I was doing really well my up and got so far I want to start investing some money.

I was earning areal estate looking really more of a rental properties mostly right and the more I got engaged with real estate agents in the real estate business the more My palm up with it the more I like the idea knob pursuing you know a career in in real stay and thereby then I just your transition into getting my license and transitioning from investor an employee at that company to run my own real state business so start it is just me has an agent and and you know eventually my wife left her job and the banking world to join any right Im and then we started building a team from there she you know its perfect because lot times husband-wife in the

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